May 10, 2008

Drawing at work

These are from my small sketchbook I have at work. Between taking out food, draw a little here and there.

Back to finals. I need to get through em to get to gta. Heh.

May 3, 2008

I saw this pretty amazing short, via cartoonbrew, and it reminded me of how much I really do like animation. The skill in doing the character stuff alone is crazy. From the description:

"Mathieu Labaye's short-movie, a tribute to his father Benoît Labaye, who suffered from a multiple sclerosis at 29 years old. Benoît Labaye had been confined to a wheelchair since age 40 and died at 55 years old."

May 2, 2008


Ladies from in class. All 25 to 40 min, oil.