April 18, 2008

Red Riding Hood Design

So, this is what I came up with for vis. dev. for my red design. I suck a character design. It's so hard to keep in mind straight vs. curves, the reference, get the acting and movement, flat vs 3d, and then, on top of that shit, come out with something that's not generic. Bleh. You look at, like, Carter Goodrich's designs, for any of the films he's worked on, and every one of 'em looks iconic. Like a timeless kinda design. How.....!

I'm gonna try to redo her near the end the term... and get something better.


Ry guy said...

mmm yes! this is "fresh."

Helice Wen said...

hey ~never seen u did "cute" stuff before. nice facial expression. makes me want to squeeze her face^_^jk

Evclide said...

I think she looks good, I am no authority on these things though.

Shouldn't Red Riding Hood have a hood? Perhaps red in color?