July 17, 2008

Hey! Just got back to the San Francisco after being over in europe for a bit. Pretty fucking awesome. Went from England, chunneled to Paris, then over to Italy. Italy was amazingly hot and humid when I was there... you really couldn't walk anywhere in the afternoon in Rome without being drenched in sweat in two seconds. Shock for someone coming from the perpetually cold-ish SF. Heh. Here's some of my sketchbook from over there:

master copies from louvre

Paris bridge and line for musee

Venice, Paris


Angry Italian train, Rome

Paris, French carnival workers


Florence, florence mini-bus


Paris, girl in starbucks
Got tired of my paints, and got some oils. Rome.


Colei che... said...

You're good, boy! Amazing... I lived 6 years in Rome, I can confirm how humid it can be there in summer! Please check out my comment to your previous post!
Thank you,

C.B. Canga said...

nice job monico. thanks for stop'n by my blog.

really cool stuff you have on your blog. keep it up.

looks luck you had fun in italy. lucky you. talk to you more later.

Ry guy said...

killer stuff man! a#1 stellar and all that, is the euro trip a prelude to a move or not so much? Anyways, need your email to invite you to the blog and all that. Give me it, now!

carissa said...

Woahh, lots of great drawings here! I love them all! I especially love the fatman with gelato hahaha! I'm so jealous of you! dammit!

i want moreee moreeee more sketches!!

Anonymous said...


so great! They all tell that you had such a good trip in Europe.
Are the paintings done with gouache?
very pretty.. quick studies? haha

look forward to seeing more of your stuff!

Colei che... said...

Hi Monico, I'm really glad you take the time to visit my blog!
It's a pity you didn't find new comics when you was in Italy! Maybe you really were looking in the wrong places (yuo can buy italian comics either in an "edicola" or in a "fumetteria", a shop specialized in selling comics)!For your next trip to Italy I will glad to give you some hint! ;)

Soon I will write a post about your awesome stuff...
Thank you, and ciao!

DerMidlet said...

paintings are pretty dope, me likes

George said...

yeah super nice sketchbook

Allen Song said...

All really awesome sketches man. It doesn't seem like you wasted any time at all.

Tara said...

rad. That's all. It's all skilled and techniquely pleasing and all that, but I particularly love the distorted torso in the paris carny sketches. Yes.

fil said...

great work Monico as usual! I am very fond of the sad gelato guy with man boobs.

Daniel Valadez said...

Man those sketches are really cool, and I love those paintings in Rome! Great stuff.

threepeasoup said...
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threepeasoup said...

this is sang, he thinks your sexy, word.