January 15, 2010

Uh Oh.


Gulzar said...

Darn, I love the variety here...really sleek!

Love the colors too! Its a delight!
Thanks for dropping by to my blog!

Will surly pay a visit to yours soon.
Warm regards mate!
From brown land
A brown person

Frank said...

the final came out great!

vikram said...

Hey Monico, ur style is just amazing.....I like the way u draw and paint....Awesome color pallette u have.
Warm regards,

Ray Bonilla said...


Carl Knox said...

hey monico!

Thanks for stopping my my blog. Totally agree with you on composition.

Love this sketch book and your portfolio. I'm not worthy to crit... so I'll just enjoy. Thanks!

Daniel Valadez said...

Great work, i love the texture you got going on.

Madeline Kaye said...

Lovely work you have here.

Ricky Cometa said...

this is so bad ass